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150th Tesla Anniversary Celebration

   I am Robert W. Lobenstein General Superintendent of Power Operations in NYC Transit.
I am also an amateur radio operator, WA2AXZ.  In addition I am associated with the NYC Transit Museum, giving historical tours of old turn of the century power substations and other facilities directly connected with the genius and inventions of Mr. Tesla.
As 2006 is the 150th anniversary of his birth, I am working with various groups in an effort to set up a Special Events Amateur Radio Station(s) July 9th-10th 2006. These stations will promote Tesla Awareness world wide.  Has anyone else proposed this idea?   If so I would like to assist them in any way possible.  If this is the first suggestion, I would like to take the lead in assisting the Tesla Society in this noble endeavor. 
For additional information or questions...
I can be reached at
All the best,
Robert W. Lobenstein