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The Blackout of 2003

Only one day without Tesla's Alternating Current Electricity, America returned to the dark ages.

The biggest blackout in history, affecting the north-east of the United States and Canada took place on Thursday, August 14, 2003.  The blackout hit cities in Canada and 8 States in the US.  50 million people lost power and rush-hour chaos took place.  Trains were shut down and many people were trying to get back home on foot.  Many people in Grand Central Station and Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan ended up sleeping on the floor and on the streets of New York.  All air-conditioning in hotels and apartments shut down along with elevator service and water supplies to hotel rooms and some apartments.

Food spoiled in refrigerators because of the electricity shut down.  Crisis in the blood banks because of lack of refrigeration of blood supplies also took place.  Airports canceled scheduled flights affecting air travel worldwide.  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS were lost in only one day.

 Cell-phones, computers, TV, radios, street lights and other application were all useless to everyone.  Without light, Manhattan looked like a dark giant skyline.

The cause of the disaster is subject to government investigation, however it is believe that the problem was caused by old electricity grids and power lines.

  1. Blackout of 2003 Newspaper Photo

  2. Blackout of 2003 Newspaper Photo

  3. Blackout of 2003 Newspaper Photo

  4. Blackout of 2003 Newspaper Photo

  5. Blackout of 2003 Newspaper Photo

  6. Blackout of 2003 Newspaper Photo

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