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The Tragedy of the Columbia Shuttle

The space shuttle Columbia exploded on February 1, 2003 at 9:00am, Eastern Time, on reentry into the earth's atmosphere, killing all 7 astronauts aboard and sending fiery debris over Texas.  Those heroes died for benefit of all humanity.  This is a tragic event not only for America, but the whole world. 

Candle lit for all the cosmonauts who died in the space shuttle Columbia

Our restless and expanding universe: Space without frontiers

Humanity opened a window on the universe in 1609 when Galileo invented the telescope and pointed at the heavens.  He saw the mountains of the moon, the satellites of Jupiter, the densely packed star-clouds of the Milky Way and the ring of Saturn. 

The stars are candles of the heavens, they are born and they die after billions of years of shining and radiating energy.

Our knowledge is ever expanding into a new depth of space.  humanity is reaching to the stars and into the restless universe without frontiers.

Frontpage, New York Times, February 2, 2003 about the space shuttle Columbia exploding

President Bush's speech on the tragedy of the space shuttle Columbia

Our restless and expanding universe