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Marko Vujovic, Web Site Designer

Marko Vujovic is an expert on Web-Design and Internet Communications.  Without his help the Tesla Memorial Society of New York Website would not be possible.  Extremely talented and knowledgeable with electronics, Marko works with dedication for the Nikola Tesla movement in America.  He is a perfectionist with vision and talent.  The TMS of NY Website Editorial Board thanks Marko for his efforts on making the Tesla Memorial Society of New York Website one of the best websites on Nikola Tesla in the United States of America.


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Marko Vujovic


Web Designer of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York Website (www.teslasociety.com).

Date of Birth: 12 November 1985

Place of Birth: New York City


Continue working with computers and expanding skills with computers and website designing.  I designed and constructed the Tesla Memorial Society of New York Website (http://www.teslasociety.com), consider one of the best websites on Nikola Tesla on the web.  Thousands of web hits every month, over 85,000 so far as of the end of June 2003.  The Tesla Website is very popular in the US and around the world, we are the leading force in keeping the memory of Nikola Tesla, the great American scientist, alive.  Nikola Tesla is the father of Alternativing Current Elecricity (AC electricity)  The past few years I have been working on numerous websites with other web designers in my area.


Summer 2000                ITC Computers INC.                        Glendale, NY

20 Hour Course for A++ certification

         Completion of the 20-hour course offered by ITC Computers for A++ Certification.


Summer 2001                New Horizons                              Manhattan, NY

Web Program lessons on many aspects in Web Design

         I completed class offered by New Horizons on Web Design and the use of Web Development programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Introduction to Macromedia Flash ActionScripting, Microsoft FrontPage and HTML coding.


Summer 2003                Dover High School                     Dover Plains, NY

Graduated Dover High School

         Graduated high school in June 2003, with the acceptance of New Paltz University  I plan to continue studying to Computer Science.

Interests and activities

Web Design, Computers Technical Repair, Web Graphics and computer gaming.

Work experience

2000- present                Tesla Memorial Society of New York             


Web Designer for the Tesla Memorial Society of New York www.teslasociety.com

     Built and designed everything on the website.

     Continually updating the website with new content and information about scientists and inventors who contributed to the transition of the USA into the leading industrial figure.

     Digital Photography of events for the Tesla Memorial Society.




Expertise: FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Intermediate ActionScripting, Fireworks, FTP server admin., HTTP server