The puzzling disclosures made by Nikola Tesla concerning the reception of extraterrestrial signals in 1899 have been a vexing dilemma and source of embarrassment to even the most ardent of Tesla's supporters in the scientific community. It is with some degree of trepidation that we even approach this subject. Initially, we were almost embarrassed to address such a controversial topic for fear of being misunderstood by our professional colleagues, or perhaps even causing damage to Tesla's reputation. However, we believe that the investigation reported on below will resolve specific technical objections to Tesla's assertions, and will lend strong support to the scientific credibility of Tesla's profound contributions to science and engineering. This paper is a brief summary of an 81 page engineering report from 1996 documenting the detailed analysis. As we approach the August 27, 2003 Martian encounter (Mars will be only 34.6 million miles away - the closest since 1719) our thoughts again turn to the faint radio emissions detected by Tesla in 1899.

Dr. James F. Corum

Kenneth L. Corum

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