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A Message From Our Editorial Board:

To the visitors of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York Website

We express thanks to our visitors for showing such a great interest in our website.  We are receiving E-mails from all continents related to the website.  We designed our website to be informative, educational, and interesting with many new photographs, articles and stories.  We provided links to other Tesla and Michael Pupin websites giving you access to other important and authoritative information sources.

The Tesla Memorial Society from New York started the initiative to proclaim "Nikola Tesla Day", July 10th, Tesla's birthday, an international day through United Nations.  "Nikola Tesla Day" is a day of science, peace and brotherhood of all nations and religions around the world.  Yugoslavia already proclaimed July 10th, "Nikola Tesla Day".  We are urging you, our website visitors to contact your governments to proclaim "Nikola Tesla Day" in your countries.  The people of good will around the world should continue to contribute to peace against war and violence and against international terrorism, the evil of our century.

Sincere appreciation to you, our visitors and friends in supporting this website.



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