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Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

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Tesla Memorial Society is asking all Tesla admirers in the world and all scientific institutions to support the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.  The Museum is the major source of Tesla documents, personal letters, scientific work explained in documents, photographs and technical drawings.  The Tesla Museum published many books, monographs, albums catalogues and video tapes.  On the staff of the museum, there are many experts on Nikola Tesla, his work and life.  The experts are able to answer your questions frequently asked by e-mail on the Internet about Tesla's work and life .  The new director of the Museum is Mrs. Maria Sesic.  The Curators of the Museum are Zorica Civric and Dubravka Smiljanic.  They wrote an important  book, "Nikola Tesla: Correspondence with Relatives".  The recently published book by the Museum "Tesla's Decorations" is beautiful.  The previous director of the Museum, for 14 years, was Professor Dr. Alexandar Marincic, a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and an expert on Tesla with many Tesla related publications.  We thank all the staff of the Nikola Tesla Museum for their work and dedication in keeping the memory and work of Nikola Tesla alive.  They deserve our admiration.

The Museum is now over 40 years old.  In the Museum, there are many things which were brought from the United States of America to Belgrade, Yugoslavia, after Tesla's death by his nephew Ambassador of Yugoslavia Sava Kosanovich.  Without Kosanovich's work and effort, the Tesla Museum in Belgrade would probably not exist.  Nikola Tesla was in the past and is even today the greatest cohesive and unifying force of many nationalities of the Balkan regions and former Yugoslavia.  Almost every child in the Balkans knows about Nikola Tesla and his contribution to humanity.

The Museum building is a previous mansion in the center of Belgrade.  The Museum on the first floor has two parts: the first part is actually a part devoted to personal Tesla belongings and it is a memorial part of the Museum.  In this part there is a famous sculpture of Nikola Tesla made by world renown sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.  Mestrovic is one of the greatest sculptors of all time.  

The lower part of the Museum is a part devoted to Tesla' life and Tesla's work.  There are many interesting Tesla's personal belongings, documents, pictures and instruments from the laboratories.  Among documents which are stored in the Museum, there are over 100,000 various documents, many of them letters.  There are also over 30,000 original and other documents reflecting Tesla's scientific work.  There are more than 700 photographs of various kinds connected to Tesla's work and life and more than 5,000 technical drawings.

In the Museum there are working models of various Tesla inventions: Tesla induction motor, the Tesla Coil and a model of the polyphase alternative current system.  The history of electricity from ancient times to present, is explained and presented in the Museum.  It is a unique scientific Museum, which holds Tesla's aches in a golden sphere, Tesla's favorite shape.   Nikola Tesla was cremated in 1943, in the cemetery of Ardsley, New York.  The aches were brought from New York to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade by Miss Charlotte Muzar, secretary of Tesla's nephew, Ambassador Sava Kosanovic. 

Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade is the major inspiration for scientists and Tesla admirers in the world, and the major source of scientific information about Nikola Tesla and his work.  The Museum is constantly organizing many scientific meetings, Tesla symposiums, and Tesla related workshops which is drawing many internationality known Tesla experts and scientists.  The Tesla Museum in Belgrade also has many Tesla related publications of immense importance.  

Please support the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia by buying from the Museum:  copies of some Tesla photographs, documents, videos, books and other Tesla related items.

Please contact:

Muzej Nikole Tesle,

Krunska 51

11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Tel: 011-381-11-438137 

Fax: 011-381-11-436408

E-mail: sesic@yubc.net (Marija Sesic)

E-mail: ntmuseum@eunet.yu