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Tesla News is produced on the Internet by the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.  We inform you about the news concerning the Tesla Movement in America and around the world.  We would like your input and your support, you can send us written news and articles concerning Nikola Tesla.  Those articles have to be short, clear and accurate.

Support Tesla Worldwide Gathering as a part of Radio Belgrade contribution to Nikola Tesla.  It is a unique radio program about Tesla with worldwide connections over airways between speakers from all continents and Radio Belgrade.

Tesla Memorial Society and Tesla Worldwide Gathering are proposing that the 10th of July, Nikola Tesla's Birthday, be recognized all over the world through United Nations as a day of science, peace, and brotherhood among nations.  We ask all Tesla admirers to help us achieve this goal.

Tesla Memorial Society is grateful and very honored to Life Magazine - New York for presenting Nikola Tesla in the special Edition "100 Most Important People in the Last 1000 Years".  Nikola Tesla is included in this monumental work among giants of our civilization.   

Tesla Memorial Society is grateful to the "Vesti"  newspaper for its reporting and documenting many Tesla related events in America.  All those newspaper reporting in "Vesti" are done professionally and with the journalistic skills of the highest degree.  

We thank "Mechanical Engineering" magazine - New York, "New York Newsday" newspaper, "The Daily News" newspaper - New York, "Politica" - Belgrade, "Glas Javnosti" - Belgrade, and "Dan"- newspapers in Montenegro.


Tesla News:


London, October 12, 2001:  (Photo 1 | Photo 2)  Silverlink Metro Train in Northern London, is named after Nikola Tesla (Richmond North Wollwich Line).   


July 10, 2001:  Tesla commemorative plaque unveiling ceremony


Tesla commemorative plaque was unveiled today at the Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan, New York.  The ceremony was held in the presence of many dignitaries and many Tesla admirers.  It was an evening of Tribute to Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest mind of our civilization.  The plaque was unveiled by Honorable Helen Delich Bentley, previous US Congresswoman.  The plaque was created by the Yugoslav-American Bicentennial Committee in 1977.  Because of political reasons and the change of the ownership of the Hotel New Yorker, the plaque could not be placed at that time at Hotel New Yorker.  The most impressive part of the ceremony was the blessing of the Tesla plaque by Serbian Orthodox Priests.  Tesla was of Serbian Orthodox faith, his father Milutin Tesla was a Serbian Orthodox Priest.  The unveiling ceremony was an event to remember.  Millions of Tesla admirers were deeply moved by the ceremony.

Tesla Memorial Society is asking the governments of the Balkan States and the governments of States of the previous Austria-Hungary Empire (where Tesla was born, was educated and worked before he came to the Untied States) to ask the United Nations to proclaim July 10 (Tesla's Birthday), as a International "Nikola Tesla Day".   Nikola Tesla's birthday (July 10)  symbolizes the triumph of science, cosmic explorations, peace and brotherhood among nations.

Read the "Press Conference at the United Nations" from August 28, 1997.


Two Palm Trees make the Tesla plaque more beautiful 

The Tesla plaque on Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan, New York, was made more beautiful by two palm trees on each side of the plaque.  The palm trees were brought from Florida and placed on the sidewalk of 34th Street in Manhattan, in two giant pots.  The palm trees are gifts from the Tesla admirer and businessman Zivadin Krstic.  The Tesla Memorial Society of New York and millions of Tesla admirers around the world wish to thank Mr. Krstic for his beautiful gift of two palm trees which made the Tesla plaque more attractive.  Because palm trees are rare in New York they make the Tesla plaque stand out to the public.  Mr. Krstic is going to bring the palm trees back to Florida in the winter, so that they escape New York cold weather.  We once again thank Zivadin Krstis for his generous and beautiful gift.


At the Tesla plaque unveiling ceremony were present: 

Representatives of Hotel New Yorker, Tesla Memorial Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Columbia University, Representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Yugoslav Government and many Ambassadors from the United Nations (including the wife of the Croatian Ambassador representing Croatia).  Also were present Representatives of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Mission to the United Nations, Representatives of "Njegos" Foundation at Columbia University, Yugoslav Airline, and many other important individuals.

Masters of the ceremony were Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General of the Tesla Memorial Society and Dr. Lila Kalinich, Professor of psychiatry at Columbia University.  Barry S. Mann, General Manager of the Hotel New Yorker, gave the opening remarks at the ceremony.



Photos at the ceremony

All photos were produced by Mr. Mileta J. Solujich, journalist, and  Newpaper Vesti.  Tesla Memorial Society is grateful for their contribution.

  • (Photo)  Dr. Lila Kalinich, Professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, speaking at the ceremony

  • (Photo #1)  Honorable Helen Delich Bentley unveiling the plaque 

  • (Photo)  V. Rev. Sinisa Jocic blessing the plaque

  • (Photo #1 | Photo #2)  Serbian Orthodox Priests blessing the Tesla plaque 

  • (Photo)  V. Rev. Predrag Micic speaking at the ceremony

  • (Photo #1 | Photo #2)  Dr. Ljubo Vujovic Secretary General of the Tesla Memorial Society speaking at the ceremony 
  • (Photo)  Miss Sylvia Kovac reading the Proclamation of Governor George E. Pataki of the State of New York, recognizing July 10, 2001 as "Nikola Tesla Day" and the Proclamation of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of the City of New York.
  • (Photo)  Honorable Vladislav Mladenovic, Minister Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Yugoslavia to the U.N., speaking at the ceremony
  • (Photo)  Prof. Mike Geselowitz representing the Institute of Electrical, Electronics Engineers speaking at the ceremony
  • (Photo)  Prof. Samuel Devons representing Columbia University speaking at the ceremony
  • (Photo)  Actress Mary Gados reciting the Poem "To Nikola Tesla" from Desanka Maksimovic famous Poet (Click here for a "Poet's Tribute to Tesla": English | Serbian)
  • (Photo)  Honorable Helen Delich Bently, Mr. Mileta J. Solujich and Mr. Milinkovic at the ceremony 
  • (Photo)  Newspaper Article written in Serbian Newspaper "Vesti" about the event of the unveiling of the plaque on Hotel New Yorker


Speeches at the ceremony

Opening remarks - Dr. Lila Kalinic, Prof. of psychiatry at Columbia University New York

Speech of Honorable Helen Delich Bentley

Speech of Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, General Secretary of Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Speech of V. Rev. Predrag Micic at the Tesla commemorative plaque unveiling ceremony.


The unveiling plaque event was highly publicized in Yugoslavia in newspapers, television and radio.  It was front page news.  Serbian radio "Beli Andjeo" was broadcasting live from the ceremony to Radio Belgrade - Tesla's worldwide gathering.  Broadcasting the event to many countries. 

Tesla Memorial Society, The Institute of Electrical, Electronics Engineers, and the Serbian Orthodox Church are grateful for the Proclamation of "Nikola Tesla Day" by the Governor of the State of New York, George E. Pataki and the Mayor of the City of New York, Rudolph W. Giuliani. We are also grateful for the help of Barry S. Mann (General Manager), Joseph Kinney (Chief Engineer),  and the Board of the Hotel New Yorker for their help in placing the plaque on Hotel New Yorker.  We will always be friends with Hotel New Yorker.

Click here for Governor George Pataki's Proclamation of "Nikola Tesla Day"

Click here for Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's Proclamation of "Nikola Tesla Day"

Mechanical Engineering Magazine, one of the biggest engineering magazines in the United States, wrote an article about the Tesla Plaque unveiling. (Click here to read the Article)

  • (Photo)  Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, standing next to the framed proclamations of Nikola Tesla Day, issued by the New York Governor George E. Pataki.  Those proclamations will be given to universities as gifts.

Newspaper Articles about Tesla

Tesla Decorated by Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia in Hotel New Yorker, 1937.

(Click for Page 1, Click for Page 2)

Newspaper Article about Tesla's Death

2,000 present at Tesla funeral 

  • (Photo)  Tesla's Death Mask

Nikola Tesla Awards

  1. Nikola Tesla Award Presented by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers INC. established in 1976.

  2. Nikola Tesla Award by the 48th Annual Area Power Conference established in 1968 in Duluth, Minnesota. (Click here for Front : Back of the brosure)






Previous Events


June 21, 2001: Nikola Tesla commemorative plaque to be unveiled at the Hotel New Yorker, in Manhattan, New York City on July 10, 2001 (Tesla's birthday) at 7:00 p.m.  (Click here for Press release)

The Hotel New Yorker Management has agreed to place the Tesla commemorative plague on Hotel New Yorker on Tesla's Birthday (July 10).  The Tesla Memorial Society of New York and millions of Tesla Fans around the world are grateful to Mr. Barry S. Mann (General Manager), Kevin Smith (Managing Director), Joseph Kinney (Chief Engineer), and the whole Board of Directors of Hotel New Yorker.  (Click here to read the letter approving the placement of the Tesla plague)

Read about the Hotel New Yorker History.  (Click here for article)

The website for Hotel New Yorker is http://www.nyhotel.com . (Click here for more info)

Please visit Hotel New Yorker, this is Tesla's Hotel.


June 9, 2001: Tesla related places in New York City to remember and visit (Click here to view text)

May 20, 2001: 

  • (PhotoTesla commemorative plague on Hotel New Yorker 

Nikola Tesla was a New Yorker.  He lived and worked in New York City for almost 60 years.

The last 10 years of his life, Tesla spent in Hotel New Yorker at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.  He died in Hotel New Yorker January 7, 1943. 

Tesla commemorative plague was made in 1977, by the Yugoslav American Bicentennial Committee and was to be placed on Hotel New Yorker at that time.  For the last 24 years, the Tesla plague was not placed on Hotel New Yorker because the owners of the hotel refused for political reasons to place the plague on Hotel New Yorker.  The Tesla Memorial Society of New York wrote to the Mayor of the City of New York, asking him for help to place the Tesla plague on Hotel New Yorker.  Here are both the TMS letter & Mayor Giulianiís response (Click on them to view the letters).

March 10, 2001 : Yugoslavian News Paper "VESTI" wrote an article about our Tesla Memorial Society letter to new Yugoslavian Ambassador Mr. Milan Protic about placing the Commemorative Tesla Plaque on Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan. (Read article in Serbian)

February 26, 2001 : Tesla Memorial Society initiated act for the placing of Commemorative Plaque on Hotel New Yorker, where Nikola Tesla lived his last ten years of his life.  He died in Hotel New Yorker in Manhattan (8th Ave and 34th Street).  Members of the Society sent a letter to Mayor Giuliani and Yugoslavian Ambassador in Washington DC, to help us in this action. (Read Letter)

January 8, 2001 : Repair of Tesla's House in Gospic

by Croatian Government

Nikola Tesla's house in Gospic, Lika, Croatia was damaged and vandalized in the latest tragic Balkan Wars in Yugoslavia.  Tesla Memorial Society wrote to the Croatian government reguarding the repair of Tesla's house, and reestablishing of the Tesla Museum in Gospic, Lika.  We are very happy that we received a positive answer from the Croatian government. The repair of Tesla's house is underway.  We are greatful for the Croatian government's support.

December 9, 1997 : The International Conference on Global Warming in Kyoto, Japan has adopted Tesla's idea for clean energy as a solution to Global Warming and Global Pollution. (Read Articles)

March 21, 1997: Nikola Tesla's science Museum at Shoreham, Long Island is planned to be established at the site of Tesla's old laboratory in Shoreham.  Tesla's laboratory was built 1901 by the famous American Architect and Tesla's friend Stantford White. 

(Click here for the article - Shoreham Science Museum)

Click here for: Wardenclyffe - A Forfeited Dream by Leland I. Anderson

May 8, 2001: 2001 Awards Dinner at the East West Institute Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of EWI and honoring the unsung Heros of Central Europe took place in New York City.  EWI Statesman of the Year Award was presented to H.E. Vojislav Kostunica, President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Tesla Memorial Society of New York was represented by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Honorable Helen Delich Bentley, Marc J. Seifer and Ratko Picuric. 

Pictures from the Ceremony

  • (Photo)   Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Honorable Vladimar Galuska - Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United Nations, and his wife at the 2001 Awards Dinner.

  • (Photo)  Dr. Ljubo Vujovic with the Ambassador of Macedonia, and the Ambassador of Latwia and his wife, at the 2001 Awards Dinner.

  • (Photo)  President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, who was presented with the EWI Statesman of the Year Award, at the 2001 Awards Dinner in New York City on May 8, 2001.  In this photo he is with the President of the East West Institute Board of Directors at the 2001 Award Dinner.

  • (Photo)  Dr. Ljubo Vujovic with Honorable Helen Delich Bentley, former US Congresswomen, Ambassador of Macedonia and Olga M. Sukovic, United Nations Consultant, at the 2001 Award Dinner.