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Satellite Photo of "Earth at Night" - Tesla's Electrical Lights over continents  was published in the National Geographic Magazine, November Issue 2004

Nikola Tesla's Alternating Current Electricity is driving our civilization to progress - Nikola Tesla is the genius who lit the world

Above: Earth at Night, Click to Enlarge


This November Issue 2004 of National Geographic had a photo enclosed called "Earth at Night", a satellite photo of electrical lights all over the continents of the earth.  All those lights are driven by Tesla's alternating current electricity, produced by Tesla's motors, generators and long line transmissions of power.  Tesla's electricity runs everything electrical on this planet and lights cities, towns, and villages on all continents. 

Tesla's Induction Motor is the main power for industry and home appliances all over the world.  Tesla's Induction Motor was proclaimed one of the top 10 inventions of all times.  Nikola Tesla discovered the Rotating Magnetic Field in 1882 which is the heart of alternating current electricity.  In 1893, at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, America celebrated the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.  At that historical exposition, Tesla's alternating current electricity and Tesla's Induction Motor were applied for the first time on a large scale.  This was a great victory of Tesla's alternating current over direct current.  Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse won the "War of the Currents" over Edison's Direct Current.

In 1895, Tesla and Westinghouse built the first large hydro-electric power plant at Niagara Falls, NY, this was the final victory of Alternating Current Electricity which was technologically superior over Edison's direct current because Alternating Current could be transmitted over power lines to long distances without losing much power.  Direct Current could not be transmitted more then two miles and therefore required a new Direct Current power plant every two miles.  The "Wars of the Currents" was won by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse over Edison's Direct Current.  The electrification of the America and world started after the power station at Niagara Falls was built on 1895.

On this beautiful picture you see electrical lights over continents which drive our civilization to progress. 

Nikola Tesla is the genius who lit the world.