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Tribute to Nikola Tesla


By Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General Tesla Memorial Society, New York.

Tribute to Nikola Tesla is a unique collection of Tesla posters in color. Many pages of this book is a combination of color photographs and text explaining Tesla's work and scientific achievements. The illustrations feature Tesla's laboratory, his discovery of the induction motor, his discovery of the rotating magnetic field, the Colombian Exposition (1893), the design of Niagara Falls power station in 1895, and his friend Marko Twain's participation in Tesla's laboratory experiments. The book shed light on Tesla's contribution for the exploration of the cosmos, wireless transmission of electrical energy and x-rays.

The Book contains hard-to-find newspaper and magazine articles from both popular and technical press - much of it over 100 years old. Many of the articles were written by Nikola Tesla, himself.

Following his death in 1943, Nikola Tesla reputation - after having once been consider the foremost inventor in the field of electricity and scientific endeavor - fell into swift decline. By the 1950s, he was all but forgotten. Today, fifty years after his death, the importance of Tesla's achievements are once again recognized and honored throughout the world. Nikola Tesla has regained his position among the pantheon of modern scientists and inventors. We believe that "Tribute to Nikola Tesla" will soon become one of the most important contributor to the on going - re-appraisal of Nikola Tesla's achievements.

Tesla was Edison's enemy, Mark Twain's friend and J.P Morgan's client. Tesla made his first million before he was 40, yet gave up the royalties on his induction motor invention as a gesture of friendship to George Westinghouse and died almost in poverty. Handsome, magnetic and elegant he was the "catch" of New York society. A lifelong bachelor, he led a somewhat isolated existence, devoting his full energy to science.

Tesla allowed himself only a few close friends. Among them were the writers Robert Underwood Johnson, Mark Twain, and Francis Marion Crawford. He was quite impractical in financial matters and an eccentric, driven by compulsion and a progressive germ phobia.

Tesla had more than 700 patents worldwide. He spent most of his life in New York City and died at the Hotel New Yorker on January 7, 1943, at the age of 87.

His contribution to the United States and the world is enormous. Tribute to Nikola Tesla is a picture based story about Nikola Tesla, the prodigal genius, who lit the world with his alternating current electricity. The book contains many of Tesla's original photographs, newspaper articles and unpublished documents, governors proclamations for Tesla's Day and speeches of U.S. congressmen celebrating the 134th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla. The book is a reflection of the Life and Times of Nikola Tesla and his genius. It is the story of America. Tesla paved the way for many of the technological developments of modern times.

New York City, August 1999

If you are interested in buying or want information on "Tribute to Nikola Tesla", Please e-mail me ( teslasociety@aol.com ) or you can call the Tesla Memorial Society at (718) 417-5102 (in the US).