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Dr. Mihailo Rundo


Dr. Mihailo Rundo is a well known physician in Frankfort, Germany.  He was one of the chiefs of anesthesia for many years in the German hospital "Zum Heiligen Geist" in Frankfort.  Dr. Rundo is an expert on Balkan political and social events.  He is also a writer of many articles on Nikola Tesla in the Yugoslav Press.  Dr. Rundo wrote many papers and letters which were sent to Yugoslav authorities for the proclamation of "Nikola Tesla Day" in Yugoslavia.  "Nikola Tesla Day", July 10th, was proclaimed in Yugoslavia as an official holiday.  Dr. Rundo is a humanitarian, helping homeless children in Bosnia-Herzegovina providing them with necessities of life such as food and clothing after the tragic civil war that tore the country of Yugoslavia.  Dr. Rundo is a man of integrity, knowledge and motivation for changing the social structure in the Balkans for a better and more just society.

Dr. Rundo recently visited the Serbian Academy of Science, Radio Belgrade and the Television Network in Belgrade.  He brought these organizations the Eulogy for Nikola Tesla by New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, which was broadcast over New York Radio on January 10, 1943. Tesla died January 7, 1943 in Hotel New Yorker.  A commemoration after Nikola Tesla's death was broadcast over New York Radio.  During the ceremony, famous Croatian violinist Zlatko Balokovic played on his violin the famous Serbian Song "Tamo Daleko".   Slovenian choir "Slovan" performed at the commemorative ceremony.  Dr. Rundo gave to the Serbian Academy of Science a precious gift, a CD Disc with the voice of Mayor LaGuardia honoring Nikola Tesla after his death.  Radio Belgrade and the television networks in Belgrade broadcasted the famous LaGuardia Eulogy for Tesla.