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Smithsonian Institution - The Hubble Space Telescope, Imaging the Universe

Above: Bronze portrait medal of James Smithson, 1817, founder of the Smithsonian Institution


Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 after 20 years of design and construction.  Flying 375 miles above the Earth, the 12-ton orbiting observatory had revolutionized astronomy and cosmology.  Hubble gave us many beautiful and unique photographs of the universe.  The Hubble project is a triumph and fascinating report on scientific discoveries.


Above: Edwin Powell Hubble at the 100-inch Hooker telescope.

The Hubble Telescope was named after the famous astronomer
Edwin Powell Hubble


Above: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General, Tesla Memorial Society of New York visits the Smithsonian on June 27, 2006.  Dr. Vujovic is in front of the Hubble Telescope.



Hubble Space Telescope:
Imaging the Universe



Above: The Hubble Space Telescope carried into Earth orbit on a 1990 Space Shuttle mission, it is a camera into space revealing spectacular details from stars and nebulae within our galaxy.

Photos of the Universe by Hubble Telescope


Above: A bipolar planetary nebula in Ophiucus evokes a butterfly.  Hubble Space Telescope Imaging.

Above: Hubble Space Telescope Imaging.

Above: Ground-based image of a star in the Fox Fur Nebula. Hubble Space Telescope Imaging.

Above: High resolution image of double cluster of stars. Hubble Space Telescope Imaging.

Above: Huge star-forming region in the spiral galaxy M33 in Triangulum. Hubble Space Telescope Imaging.