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Celebration of "Nikola Tesla Day" July 10, 2004 in New York

Above: Tesla Coil in Action

Nikola Tesla's birthday on July 10 was celebrated in Downtown Manhattan, New York City at Collective: Unconscious Theater with a beautiful artistic program and an amazing display of a Tesla Coil in action.  The Collective: Unconscious and Miss Gecko, the founder, could be proud of their artistic and Tesla Coil performance.  The Collective: Unconscious Theater has a huge Tesla Coil which is the biggest on Manhattan Island.  For years now the theater entertains an enthusiastic audience with a display of Tesla Coil sparks 30- 40 cm long shooting into the air.  The sparks were accompanied by the smell of Ozone and characteristic acoustic popping of electricity.  The show was highly professional and the display of the Tesla Coil was magnificent.  The cheering audience of young people was a reflection of the enthusiastic spirit of this unforgettable evening. 

The Tesla Memorial Society of New York was represented at this important show.  Besides Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General, Tesla Memorial Society of New York, the following were present:

  • Mr. Ranko Grujic, Board Member, Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Angel Company Water Distributor

  • Prof. Dr. Borivoje A. Markovic, Chairman of the Fund for Development of the Balkans Inc., Board Member Tesla Memorial Society of New York.

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic made an introductory remark welcoming the audience to the event and thanking the artists, performers and Tesla coil technician for the show.  Dr. Vujovic emphasized in his speech the importance of the existence of Collective: Unconscious in Downtown Manhattan, New York not only as entertainment but also an important source of information and education about Nikola Tesla's high frequency electricity.  The Tesla Coil is an integral part of every television and radio built, it was a part of every physics laboratory at the turn of the century around the world.  Today the Tesla Coil is entertaining millions of enthusiastic spectators around the world.

Tesla Coil

The Tesla coil is one of Nikola Tesla's most famous inventions. It is essentially a high-frequency air-core transformer. It takes the output from a 120vAC to several kilovolt transformer & driver circuit and steps it up to an extremely high voltage. Voltages can get to be well above 1,000,000 volts and are discharged in the form of electrical arcs. Tesla himself got arcs up to 100,000,000 volts, but I don't think that has been duplicated by anybody else. Tesla coils are unique in the fact that they create extremely powerful electrical fields. Large coils have been known to wirelessly light up florescent lights up to 50 feet away, and because of the fact that it is an electric field that goes directly into the light and doesn't use the electrodes, even burned-out florescent lights will glow.

Tesla Coil in Action play of electrical sparks (Right-click then Save-target as.. to download)

Present at the Ceremony

Above (left to right): Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, General Secretary, TMS of New York, Miss Gecko Saccomanno, founder of Collective: Unconscious Theater and performer, Ranko Grujic, Board Member TMS of New York  and Angel Company Water Distributor for New York.

Above (left to right): Professor Dr. Borivoje A. Markovic, Chairman, The Fund for Development of The Balkans, Inc, Ranko Grujic, TMS of New York and Angel Company Water Distributor for New York and Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary TMS of New York

Above: Gecko Saccomanno, founder of Collective: Unconscious and splendid performer of the artistic program on Tesla birthday July 10, 2004.  By lucky coincidence it was also her birthday on July 10, 2004.

Above: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic with Tesla Coil.