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Above: Nikola Tesla at the age of 40.


Letter to Dr. Ljubo Vujovic in the name of Nikola Tesla from an unknown visitor of the website www.teslasociety.com

April 23, 2006

Dear Dr. Vujovic:

     I would like to thank you for the exquisite work you are doing to advance the work I painstakingly started.  I may not get another chance to thank you until I meet you on the other side but rest assured that with the effort you are mounting to keep my work alive and advancing you will attain the highest esteem of the great men of science and there will be a place for you in the hereafter.  I was not a great communicator nor businessman in my previous endeavors.  You have picked up the baton and run with it into immortality.  Until we meet again...
Yours truly,
Nikola Tesla

Website Editor: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic
Secretary General, Tesla Memorial Society of New York