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Above: Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

One of the planets in the universe named "Tesla"

1. "Tesla" Asteroid - a small celestial body that revolves around the sun, who's orbits lie chiefly between Mars and Jupiter.

Above: Asteroids - small planets between Mars and Jupiter, revolving around the sun.

Above: Asteroids - small planets between Mars and Jupiter, revolving around the sun.

(dictionary.com) Asteroid - Any of numerous small celestial bodies that revolve around the sun, with orbits lying chiefly between Mars and Jupiter and characteristic diameters between a few and several hundred kilometers. Also called minor planet, planetoid.

The planet "Tesla", named after the great Nikola Tesla, is listed at the "Minor Planet Center" at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Harvard University founded at:


The "Tesla" Planet is #2244, the list is alphabetical, look under "Tesla".  The list was last updated on April 8, 2005.

2. Tesla Crater on the Moon

One of the craters on the moon is named after Nikola Tesla.  The crater is located on the moon at:  Latitude 124.7E; Longitude 38.5N  and has a diameter of 43 kilometers. (If these coordinates had been on the earth, you would be located at the position of Korea, since the zero meridian is located at Greenwich England. I'll have to check back to see where the zero meridian is taken for lunar coordinates.)
This information is given at:

The data is given in the format:   Tesla  38.5N 124.7E 43.0
If you click on the word "Tesla" it will take you to a NASA photo of the backside of the moon, taken from an elevation of 1000 km, looking directly down on the Tesla crater from above. (Crater "Tesla" is exactly in the center of this photo.) You can "zoom" in for a closer look at the actual photo of the Tesla crater by clicking below the photo, but the photo loses resolution.

The Crater is also listed (under "Tesla") on the NASA page
which identifies the crater as named for "Nikola Tesla(1856-1943)" . . . which only gets the story partly right.


Thank to our board member, Dr. James Corum for this information.




"Tesla Unit" is the unit for Magnetic Flux Density, and is a part of the International System of Units.  The "Tesla Unit" is important for the calibration of MRI machines.

Nikola Tesla Discoverer of Neon Lights

Above: Tesla Neon Lights first displayed at the Columbian Exposition, 1893.


Above: On June 6, 1990, Tesla Memorial Society requested that the site where the Wardenclyffe Tower was once built in Shoreham, Long Island, by Nikola Tesla, be proclaimed as a National Landmark.

Above: "Tesla Speaks" by Professor James Corum.

Above: This article from Daily News was an interview with Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General, Tesla Memorial Society of New York.