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President of Yugoslavia, Dr. Vojislav Kostunica, at the reception at the Yugoslavian Mission to the United Nations, New York City

President of Yugoslavia, Dr. Vojislav Kostunica visited New York City were he had a speech at the United Nations about new democratic process in Yugoslavia which is positively affecting the peace stabilization and democracy in Yugoslavia and the Balkans.  On the evening of September 12, 2002, there was a reception for the President Kostunica at the Yugoslav Mission to the United Nations, at the beautiful building on 5th Avenue, Manhattan.

At the reception, the President met with prominent Serbian and Yugoslav people, priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church and leaders of the Serbian and Montenegrin organizations in the United States.  The President was enthusiastically greeted by everyone at the reception.  Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, gave President Kostunica an album containing photos and documents about President Kostunica's Statesman of the Year Award given to him by East-West Institute on May 8, 2001 in Regent Wall Street, New York City.  The album contains also photos and documents about Serbian geniuses Nikola Tesla, Michael Pupin and Mileva Maric (Einstein's first wife).  Nikola Tesla and Michael Pupin spent their lives in New York City and contributed significantly to the technological advancement of the United States and the rest of the world.  Photos were taken with the President.  It was an evening to remember.  The following are photos taken at the reception:


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