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Partner to Genius
Olgivanna Lloyd Wright (Lazovich, Serbian from Montenegro) wife and companion of famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Olgivanna Lloyd Wright played a crucial role in life and achievements of Frank Lloyd Wright, the greatest architect who ever lived.  Olga Ivanovna Lazovich was a Serbian born in Montenegro in 1898, part of the previous Yugoslavia.  She was the grand daughter of a famous Serbian/Montenegrin writer, tribe leader, Montenegrin duke and hero Marko Miljanov

Marko Miljanov

(famous Serbian/Montenegrin writer, tribe leader, Montenegrin duke and hero)

Marko Miljanov was born and buried in the old ancient town of Medun (Meteon), Montenegro.  The town of Medune was an ancient Illyrian-Roman Fortress around 167 A.D.  There is a museum of Marko Miljanov in Medun, Montenegro. Present at the opening ceremony of the Marko Miljanov Museum in Medun was his grand daughter Olgivanna Lloyd Wright.  Marko Miljanov through his famous writings built a bridge of friendship between Serbian/Montenegrin people with Albanian people.

The old town Medun (Meteon), more of a fortress, situated 13 kilometers northeast from Podgorica, has origins in the classical period. It was erected originally as a fortress, later on as a town, between IV and III century B.C. Well preserved walls of the fortress were built of big blocks of trimmed stone, placed in a number of rows. With respect to solidity and size of the construction it substantially differs from the construction of other, less significant Illyrian towns.
From the cultural-artistic point of view, two lower dig ups in the rock on the road from the lower to the upper town are very interesting. Studies refer to the conclusion that it was the place of performance of rituals related to the cult of snake that represented myth ancestor to the Illyrians.
Necropolis is sited north from the upper town. It originates from the Illyrian period, but has not been studied.
Roman legions conquered Medun around 167 A.D. On that occasion the last Illyrian king Gentije and his family were captivated. Medun has not yet been studied sufficiently. Not only that it is interesting for its distant and rich past, it also represents an object significant for studying of all cultural epochs  from prehistoric to Middle Ages.
Our famous writer, tribe leader, Montenegrin duke and hero Marko Miljanov  lived  at the foot of walls of the town and the fortress. He was buried in the acropolis in front of the small church.



Olgivanna Wright was born in Montenegro on 1898.  Olgivanna Wright was a writer, dancer, composer, philosopher, teacher, she was in effect "A Partner to Genius" of Frank Lloyd Wright.

She went to Russia in Tiflis, where her married sister resided and became a student in 1917 of the Greek-Armenian philosopher G.I. Gurdjieff.  Because of the Bolshevik Revolution, she fled Czarist Russia with Gurdjeff's group and went to Turkey, France and finally the United States.  She met Frank Lloyd Wright at a dance performance in a Chicago theater in 1924.  Frank Lloyd Wright and Olga Ivanovna Lazovich fell in love.  It was "love at first sight" like "two powerful magnet being drawn together".  They married 1928 and made a lovely productive life until Frank Lloyd Wright died on April 9, 1959. Olgivanna Lloyd Wright died at a Scottsdale Hospital on a March morning 1985.  The ashes of Olgivanna Lloyd Wright and Frank Lloyd Wright now lie together on the grounds of Taliesin West in Arizona, United States.

Above: Famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright.

Above: Famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright in Taliesin West living room in Arizona in 1957.

Above: Above: Famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, in the national costume of Montenegro, Olgivanna's native country.

Above: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York on Fifth avenue was built for 16 years (1943 - 1959).  It is a masterpiece of the genius American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Above: Famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright