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The Greatest Books on Nikola Tesla



Above: Tesla: Spirit, Vision and Achievement, Author: Branimir Jovanovic

Branimir Jovanovic

Above: Tesla: Spirit, Vision and Achievement's Editors: Dr. Jasmina Vujic, Nuclear Engineering, University of California, Berkeley and Dr. Dusan Filipovic, Professor Belgrade University.



Above: My Inventions by Nikola Tesla.


Above: Nikola Tesla and his Pioneering Work in Electrical Science, written by Dr. Slavko Boksan, previous Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade (book in Serbian language).

Above: "The Tesla Collection": A 23 volume periodical/ Newspaper bibliography is an indispensable reading on every research on Nikola Tesla


"Tribute to Nikola Tesla: Posterbook"( Volume 1 and 2)